Unregistered Baby Items

Unregistered Baby Items

background image via The Wirecutter

While Bambini has a lot of items that I'd love to get for our baby, they don't have everything listed. Here is a list of other things that I've seen and would like to add:

A question about breast feeding storage - we don't need to get the milk storage bags do we? Mason jars would work just as well, wouldn't they?

  • A Backpack Diaper Bag would travel on airplanes well and has slightly different functionality. I like the looks of the original, solid, or the center stripe ones. EDIT: I ended up buying this myself from Motherhood.com. It was on sale for $34.99, so I jumped on it. A Duo Signature Diaper Bag is calling my name. I like that it's a bag that maintains its shape, among other benefits. I like the colors soft slate, gray feather, or heather gray.
  • I begin to see the wisdom of having a Diaper Pail. This one is nice because it doesn't have proprietary garbage bags, so it'll be a cheaper pail in the long run. However, its odor suppression isn't the most highly rated according to The Wire Cutter. I'm unsure if that will be a major factor for us long-term or not... Also, I can't find any suppliers in Oregon. At all. haha Maybe it's time to consider something else.
  • Moving on the strollers/joggers/prams, we have the City Mini. Now a cousin of mine, E, said that she really loves her stroller. Her youngest is four, so I'm not sure how much more use they'll get out of theirs. If we don't end up inheriting their old stroller, I figure I might as well put the City Mini on here so I don't forget about it. I like the colors purple/gray, sand/stone, or steel gray.
  • EDIT: A Chicco seat has been purchased! Thank you A and M! Finally, we come to the all-important Infant Car Seat. I like the colors Lilla, moonstone, or papyrus.

So there you have it! The unregistered baby items that we'd still like to get.