Glenwood, How I Love Thee

A local restaurant called Glenwood ( does a brilliant job of creating meals on a budget. They offer two meal options every Monday through Friday for the lowest price point they can. It's meant to serve a family of four; two adults and two children. It started at $15 back in the day and is currently at $19 (as of 1/23). They're conservative in their price hikes for these meals but consistantly try to offer two side dishes in addition to the main.

Occasionally I'll even be inspired to try my own spin on one of their recipes. They give a very bare bones description of what the food will be so you can generally figure out how to make something similar.

Roasted Butternut Squash  Soup; a creamy vegan soup prepared with fresh butternut squash, coconut milk, and a hint of apple cider. Garnished with toasted hazelnuts. Served with salad greens and dinner rolls. This meal is vegan. Gluten free ingredients in main dish.