Glenwood Recipes

Glenwood is a Eugene, OR restaurant that makes meals for a family of four on a budget. |

Some of their recipes are simple enough that we're interested in trying them ourselves. Here's a list of those we've tried and some that we've improved.

To Try: Improved:
Autumn Harvest Quinoa Bowls
roasted butternut squash, zucchini, sweet potatoes and chick peas layered over quinoa and served with tahini dressing. Accompanied by fresh fruit and dinner rolls.
Glenwood: x/5
Autumn Chicken Stew
diced chicken simmered with assorted vegetables in creamy chicken gravy. Accompanied by salad greens and buttermilk biscuits.
Glenwood: x/5
Chicken Divan
starts with a layer of rice, then a layer of fresh broccoli, then boneless pieces of chicken breast meat, and topped with a rich sauce with sour cream and a hint of curry then baked until bubbly. Offered with baby carrots and dinner rolls.
Glenwood: 5/5
Creamy Garlic Cauliflower Rice
brown rice, sauteed garlic and pureed cauliflower combined with milk and mozzarella blend cheese to make a delicious risotto-like dish. Served with a loaf of French bread and tossed salad.
Glenwood: x/5
Chicken and Potatoes in Garlic Parmesan Cream Sauce
chicken breasts and baby red potatoes in a delicious creamy garlic parmesan sauce. Accompanied by baby carrots and French bread dinner rolls.
Glenwood: x/5
Chicken Noodle Casserole
wide egg noodles, fresh mushrooms, carrots, celery, mixed veggies and chicken breast in a creamy rich sauce. Topped with cheddar and jack cheese and baked. Accompanied by salad greens and French bread dinner rolls.
Glenwood: x/5
Chicken Florentine
a creamy dish with fresh spinach, fresh mushrooms, sour cream and breast of chicken baked over wild rice. Accompanied by sides of green beans and French bread dinner rolls
Glenwood: x/5
Chicken Florentine Pesto Pasta
chopped chicken breast tossed with lots of spinach, penne pasta, garlic, white wine and basil pesto. Accompanied by tossed salad greens and French bread dinner rolls.
Glenwood: x/5
Moong Dal
Indian inspired dish prepared with yellow split peas, tomatoes, potatoes and peppers cooked in fragrant spices. Served with rice and fresh fruit.
Glenwood: 4/5
Tuscan Chicken
boneless chicken thighs browned and simmered in a sauce rich with cream, garlic, basil, tomato and spinach, then dusted with Parmesan cheese. Accompanied by a crusty French baguette and tossed salad greens.
Glenwood: 4/5
in Dutch oven on the stove; brown boneless chicken with garlic, add coconut milk, tomato soup, basil, quinoa, and diced tomatoes and simmer, add spinach and parmesan cheese near the end, and serve with salad
improved: 5/5
Turkey Club Pasta Salad
rotini pasta tossed with turkey breast, crumbled bacon, tomatoes, ripe olives, bell peppers and celery in a tangy aioli dressing. Accompanied by fresh fruit and French bread dinner rolls.
Glenwood: x/5
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