Theodore W J

Theodore W J

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Content: Now that that's out of the way - baby pictures!

Space Animals. Because Space Animals.

This is Eric and I at the hospital, waiting to be taken up to the Labor and Delivery ward. I'll write another post about why that happened here.

First family photo!

We were keeping the gender of our baby a surprise this entire time. The doctors in the operating room asked me who should announce the baby's gender. I stated that they could. They shouted out 'It's a BOY!' and there was loud crying and then Eric was being ushered to the side to cut the umbilical cord.

The hospital gave us that hat, but sadly we couldn't keep that adorable blanket.

We waited until about the third day to figure out his name. We wanted it to flow well with our last name. When grandma M and grandpa A came to the hospital to visit us, Theo ended up making some silly faces.

Tiny hands in a big world.

I am obsessed with how tiny Teddy's hands are. I hope he has Eric's nice fingernails and didn't inherit my terrible penchant for hangnails.

We're totally keeping this tub until he's old enough to be amazed that he fit inside it once upon a time.

Theodore was so small at birth - 5 lbs .02 oz - that he was almost sent to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. We managed to just scrape by on that one. Since we were worried about him gaining weight and needed to closely monitor it, we rigged up a scale at home. That's a kitchen scale that goes up to 10 lbs that grandpa A got us when we'd moved to Seattle. The small tub is something I asked the hospital nurse if we could take home with us. She was so nice, she gave us two! The soft blanket came from his baby shower. Can you believe he fits in something so small?

Well, I've never seen a king of beasts with quite so little hair.

I've never seen a baby with so much peach fuzz on them.

Smile like you mean it.

I'm obsessed with Theo's smile/grin. This is the closest we've come to capturing it. I try every day.

Did you feel that rumble?!

One night Eric was cracking me up. I was laughing really hard - and I do the deep-belly laughter. Teddy was wondering where the earthquake was coming from.

He must row, bro.

Look at how ripped Theodore is. His arms literally look like an artist rendition. I swear, he puts on a super-suit at night when we're sleeping and solves baby injustices, like cold breast milk and the proper way to spit up.

Do you want to hold him? I don't want to be piggish.

Theo went to visit great-grandma I. He was 9 days old and she was 98 years old. She loved visiting with him and great-aunt J got to hold him as well.

Yes, he has a few baby zits.

I finally figured out how to use the Boba wrap that E gave me! Successful skin-to-skin time.

He didn't really get the jokes, but he liked the pictures.

Eric is reading Teddy his first Calvin and Hobbes jokes. Wink is interested in anything that Eric does.


He's so peaceful and adorable when he sleeps.

He's definitely going to go into gymnastics.

Did you examine that image closely? Count the number of limbs you see. One arm... Two feet... ? Can you say flexible?

He's ready for his close-ups.


Question: what color do you think his hair is?