Month 0 - August

Pictures from Theodore's first week.

Despite the C-section, I think birth was still hard on Theo.

Can't believe we have a little guy.

It's amazing how much Teddy resembles an old man.

Theodore had much more hair at birth.

We went on daily strolls through the ward.

Eric's perfecting his burp technique.

Tiny Theo on his homemade duck blanket.

Look how small he was!

We arrived with two bags and left with a cart carrying everything. Babies.

We used our bumblebee glasses to celebrate Teddy's homecoming.

So huggable!

Early morning skin-to-skin.

Theo in his hospital hat.

Eric's chuffed with his catch-of-the-day.

Nap time!

Teddy enjoyed being curled up in his early days.

Family photo number two! <3

Theodore wore this outfit yesterday. Not so loose now!

Theo is usually a happy boy. :)